a reverse engineering tool for Java Bytecode

Bingait provides you the tools you need to analyse compiled Java applications. Whether you are a bug hunter, security researcher, or just hobbyist, bingait provides you with the tools you need. We provide custom low level bytecode ASTs so you can see exactly what the program is doing, while also providing integration with third party high level tools like Java decompilers.


We provide a modern user interface that you will find easy to learn, and the high contrast colours on a black background aid your eyes at night.


Bingait is designed to be blazing fast through carefully implemented multithreading and concurrent algorithms. Bingait can load the entire Java 8 runtime for analysis in under a second.


Bingait provides an easy to use and modular plugin system. Free access to plugins supporting features such as decompilation are provided. It is easy for customers to develop their own plugins using the open source API.