Purchasing a license for a Binclub product


We do accept payments through Coinbase's secure online payment system. The system will allow you to pay in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dai, Ethereum, Litecoin and USDC.

Please enter the email of your Binclub account when purchasing.

Once you have purchased please wait for us to recive notification and update your account's priveleges on the website. Once we have done this we will email you with further instructions on how to download and use your purchase.

Other forms of payment

Unfortunately we do not accept traditional online payment methods like PayPal due to age and identity requirements.

If you would like to pay with cryptocurrencies that Coinbase does not support (Nano, Monero, Lumens...) please contact us.

If making an order over 1000£ (GBP) you can contact us to discuss payment via bank transfer (to a UK bank).


Please Note: When purchasing a license for a Binscure product you are not purchasing the product itself, the copyright of the product, or the right to resell/distribute/modify the product. You are merely buying a perpetual license to use the software. We do currently provide a service for you to download the software over an internet connection however this service is not included within the purchase and we may stop providing this service at any time. If we do stop providing this service your existing licenses will still be valid and can be used on software you have already downloaded.

We do have an official discord server which you can use to communicate with other customers or prospective customers.